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Obstacle Course 6
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Goal:   Move the obstacles.


Vocabulary:   clean, setbg, setsh (setshape), stamp

Project Map



This project shows how to write commands to move the pond and rocks.   It might seem easier just to draw the objects on the page background.   But when you learn how to move the objects using turtles, shapes, and commands, you'll be able to have some fun with them.   This project helps get you ready for moving the objects into random positions in Project 7.

Your colors and your turtle should have instructions as in Obstacle Course 5.  

  1. Place one pond shape and four rock shapes in the Shapes center.   Your rocks may be different shades of brown (or different shades of gray).   If you want to have brown rocks and gray rocks, then program the gray color the same way as the brown color is programmed.  

    Name your shapes: pond, rock1, rock2, rock3, and rock4.

    Write a make_a_scene procedure as shown to place the pond and four rocks on the page.

  2. Clean erases everything on the page without moving the turtle.

  3. Setbg 65 stands for "set background color 65" and changes the background of the page to color 65, which is medium green.

  4. Setsh "pond turns the turtle into the pond shape.   Setpos [-180 90] places it near the top left corner.   (You may choose different numbers.)

  5. Stamp works the same way as the stamper tool: it stamps a copy of the shape onto the page.

  6. You will need to decide what numbers to use after setpos to place the pond and the four rocks.   You can make up numbers and see if you like your scene, or you can drag your turtle to different places on the page and type show pos in the command center to see its position, then type these numbers after setpos.

  7. Setsh 0 turns the turtle back into the turtle shape, and the reset procedure moves him into the bottom right corner.

  8. Add a button called make_a_scene.  

What If?
Try different numbers for each setpos command.

Can you position the rocks so that they make a pile of rocks?
Can you add more rocks to the scene?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Can you stamp down different types of obstacles and program their colors to react to the turtle?

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