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How can I use the MicroWorlds in Action resources most effectively in a computer lab?

OpenWorld Learning operates after-school Community Technology Centers in the primarily Latino neighborhoods of Denver and develops curriculum, software, and training materials to strengthen and replicate its educational program.

At each center, OpenWorld Learning teachers train and supervise a team of student leaders who play a key role in the OpenWorld Learning program by teaching their peers. Students demonstrate mastery of advanced computer skills by passing the rigorous certification tests that mark progress in OpenWorld Learning’s self-paced curriculum.

In the computer labs operated by OpenWorld Learning, the constructivist educational program supports students in developing new and creative ideas within the framework of a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, thoughtful support from well-trained teachers and student leaders, and meaningful project-based assessments.

MicroWorlds is at the heart of OpenWorld Learning's educational program. The projects and resources on the MicroWorlds in Action site are being developed to support OpenWorld Learning's program and to support the worldwide community of Logo and MicroWorlds users.

OpenWorld Learning has received funding from local individuals and foundations, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Colorado Institute of Technology.

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