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Animate Me. Animate yourself to dance, run, and do cartwheels.
Animate Bugs. Animate bugs.
Animated Story. Animate the characters in your story.
Ant Hill. Ants follow each other through a garden and an ant hill.
Bouncing Off Walls. Make cars bounce off walls.
Critter Chat. A little critter asks questions and responds to your answers.
Fortune Telling Ball. Shake a magic 8-ball to answer questions.
Growing Spider. A spider grows as it crawls on a web.
Make a Face. Create silly faces by clicking buttons.
Obstacle Course. Guide a turtle around obstacles.
Polygons. Make designs with triangles, pentagons, hexagons and more.
Race Cars. On this race track, it's hard to guess which car will win.
Spirals. Make lots of spiral designs.
Squares. Make colorful designs out of squares.
Download page. PC zipped file of all projects, organized by folder
How Do I? - FAQs with user-friendly answers
MW Vocabulary Table - description of each MW primitive with examples of usage and hyperlinks to MIA projects featuring the primitive
Approved Websites - student resources, student fun
Educational Context
Welcome. What is MicroWorlds in Action?
What is Logo? Why is it worth learning?
What are the advantages of MicroWorlds Logo?
What is constructivism?
What goes on in a constructivist computer lab?
What does the MicroWorlds in Action site offer me?
How is the MicroWorlds in Action site organized?
Suggestions for using MIA in a constructivist lab
A Summary Table summarizing some of the qualities of a constructivist classroom and how MicroWorlds and MIA support these qualities
MicroWorlds in a traditional learning environment
Assessing my own success as a teacher in a constructivist computer lab
What is OpenWorld Learning's educational program all about?
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