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What is MicroWorlds in Action?

OpenWorld Learning's MicroWorlds in Action website (MIA) is a collection of MicroWorlds projects, lessons, and other resource materials for developing Logo programming skills.

OpenWorld Learning

MIA is a practical resource for teachers and students. The materials honor the spirit of constructivist learning: you may chart your own path through this collection, acquiring new skills. Projects illustrate the possibilities of MicroWorlds. Extension activities encourage you to apply newly-learned skills in creative, individualized ways.

MicroWorlds in Action is being developed by OpenWorld Learning. OpenWorld Learning is a not-for-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado. OpenWorld Learning operates after-school Community Technology Centers in the primarily Latino neighborhoods of North and West Denver, and develops curriculum, software, and teacher training materials to strengthen and replicate its educational program. Through the MicroWorlds in Action website, OpenWorld Learning also supports parents and teachers with an interest in teaching computer programming to children using MicroWorlds LOGO.

We hope you will explore the links below to learn how MicroWorlds in Action can enhance the experience of learning new programming skills.

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How is the MicroWorlds in Action site organized?
Suggestions for using MIA in a constructivist lab
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MicroWorlds in a traditional learning environment
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